Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is what some of our kids call Paul and they may be right. He pretty much amazes me everyday and I am hanging onto his coattails for dear life.

Yesterday he called home around 4:30 and said 'Let's meet for dinner'. So we met and he said 'Happy Anniversary'! I said 'What?' He said 'Happy 10th Anniversary'! To which I again said 'What?'. 'Today is the exact day I found out that I had cancer for the first time and I think we should mark this day with a celebration. He went on to thank me for being there during the dark days of cancer and how grateful he felt to be alive. Then he gave me a really nice present. Really? I got the present? He should be getting a present for surviving it all. He's just so thoughtful.............did I mention I'm hanging on to his coattails? Hard..............


Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

Dad definitely is an amazing man! Who happened to marry an amazing woman. We're all so blessed to have you for our parents; I'm not sure how I got so lucky to squeak into this family! What a great way to mark the celebration of him beating that nasty cancer!

Rachel Garcia said...

AWWW... I am seriously tearing up at my desk as I read this and I am dying to know what he got you! What a kind sweet man. May he be an example to husbands everywhere!!

nison (nic + allison) said...

I agree Summer. I definitely must have squeezed in to this family - I made a bargain with Heavenly Father. haha He is an amazing man/father/husband. Yay for celebrations! :)

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