Thursday, November 12, 2009


So I've been at Basin Choral Festival tonight and Paul was SUPPOSED to be having a quiet night at home. Uh, that didn't really go as planned.

Dad fired up the four wheeler to move some horse feed from the garage to the shed. He had to fill it up with gas. He did his chore and parked the four wheeler back by the shed. About 30 minutes later he heard/felt a big boom. He of course, thought I had come home early and ran over something. He said it was a different enough of a sound (it rattled the windows) that he got up and went to the front door. He could see the glow of fire on the front rock pile. He ran around to the side of the house and the ATV was on fire to the tune of about a 12 foot flame. He ran to the hose and then realized it had burned up under the ATV. Then he remembered that we were not getting much water thru that hose anyways and had scheduled that to be fixed a few days ago. It had not gotten fixed. UGH! So he ran to the front of the house and pulled on that hose. It was frozen. NO WATER! He grabbed some work gloves and ran back to the ATV and pulled it away from the shed. The thing is still shooting flames. Why he thought that was a good idea is beyond me. Then he ran into the garage and grabbed a small bucket and ran to the pool. He filled it and ran to the ATV and started to try to put out the fire. He's thinking the house is going to start on fire or the entire mountain. He ran back to the pool and the water that had spilled on the deck had frozen so he slipped and fell and just about went into the pool. The bucket flew into the pool but he was able to grab it back out. He must have made dozens of trips to the pool. He enhaled so much smoke - burning tires, plastic, etc - so he kept throwing up on top of all of that. He's still coughing really hard. This is what is left of our ATV, atv wheelbarrow, and the side of our shed melted too. Dad has a few minor burns on his arm and a boatload of junk in his lungs but he's fine. He came in and called All State. It's all covered thank goodness. More importantly, dad's okay and nothing else started on fire. How that was possible is amazing.

Note to self: Call the fire department when things start on fire. Paul did not.......silly man...............such a man thing to NOT do!

Enjoy the pics!