Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Once it's over, it's over.........

Once Christmas Day has come and gone, I'm just done with holidays and winter. January and February are not my favorite months to say the least. However, Paul and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary and my 50th (ouch!) birthday in those two months. So we decided to do it up right and go to one of our favorite spots in the world. We are headed to Kehei in Maui for two weeks in January. I will be laying in the sun, reading books, driving around in the convertible, and enjoying Paul's uninterrupted time! Aloha!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep........

I have really been blessed in the past month and have truly experienced the 'tender mercies of the Lord'. I have spent much time in gratitude over those mercies. I wish I could share with you all of the wonders of this past month. It's been amazing. I'm so grateful that He is aware of me. I'm so grateful that He knows me and worries over me. I'm grateful to be surrounded by such good people, starting with my family. My ward family is so kind and generous with their gifts and talents and I so appreciate them. People are so willing to lend a hand and be there for you when you need them the most. I have many blessings and as I go to bed tonight I'll be counting......

Happy 1st Birthday Calvin Jay!

I can hardly believe an entire year has passed by since 'old blue eyes' came into this world. He came early and it was such a wonderful Christmas present to our entire family. He has the bluest eyes, is so quick to smile, and does love to give a hug to his Grandma! We love you Cal and wish we could be with you and Gray and your parents to celebrate!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My 'Rents!

I just have to say that I may have the cutest and best parents around! My dad just turned 80 last May and mom turns 80 this May! I just wanted to give them a shout out and tell them how much I love and appreciate them. They have been temple workers for ever stinkin' ever until just recently. However, my dad maintains his calling as a sealer for the temple. He has performed the marriage of my 4 oldest children in the Mt. Timpanogas, Salt Lake City, Bountiful, and Mesa temples. He will complete my children with the final sealing of Allison to Nicolas on Dec. 27th in the Medford temple. How blessed I feel that not only do I have worthy children that can all be at the temple for Alli's wedding but that my parents are alive and well and also worthy to be there with them. To have 'grandpa' seal them to their spouses has really been a unique and beautiful thing. So thanks mom and dad, for being shining examples to my kids and to me! Can't wait to get you here next week for the festivities!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas decor!

I saw this idea on HGTV. They had asked people to send in their best Christmas decorating ideas and this was one of their top 25 ideas. The picture doesn't do it justice. I bought a fake wreath and attached it to the bottom of my light fixture. Then I took fake garland and wound it from above the lights to the top. It took about 27 feet. Then I tied silver ribbon on it and hung some silver balls. It's just a stunning look! Enjoy!

I Love To See The Temple, I'm Going There Someday!

What a great day we had at the temple with Alli. She was so prepared and ready to take the commitment it requires. I was so proud of her. She was so supported by both sides of the family so thank you to all who could join us. It made for a special day. It was great to have all but one of our grandbabies there as well! (even tho it was just outside!) It gives an eternal perspective like no other!

Congratulations Alli. You are a wonderful daughter!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Sick........

I have avoided being sick for a little over a month. I have just been putting it off for various reasons and I guess I just don't have a good enough one anymore. However, I think I still have some good reasons but nobody seems to care. Here is a list of my symptoms...........
1. I'm achy.
2. My nose is completely stuffed up.
3. I sound like a man. I could actually hit 1 1/2 octaves below middle C today at church.
4. My throat feels like garbage.
5. I cannot sing and can barely speak.
6. I have a roaring headache. This has been with me for about two weeks now. Why? I'm not sure but I certainly wish it would go away. You know how I just love pills.
7. It hurts behind my eyes.
8. I'm so so tired.
9. I'm coughing up a lung.
10. Let's not go there.........

So I'm looking for some sympathy. I have a week like no other and being sick does not help this situation at all! Here is my week:
1. I have rehearsal all day tomorrow.
2. Rehearsals Tuesday
3. Rehearsals Wednesday, pick up Summer Wednesday in Medford, and have a show Wednesday night
4. Thursday brings yet more rehearsals both day and night. One of these I am supposed to be singing........right.......
5. Friday is set up for the ward Christmas party, show in the afternoon, party that night, rehearsals after the party.
6. Saturday......goodness, I don't think I have anything booked! Anyone want to book that day? I'm open........
7. Sunday.....ward Christmas program that I'm in charge of.

So, is there any sympathy out there? Oh yeah, there's the wedding too! Now that should be the icing on the cake to get me some sympathy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freak out!

So tonight I totally freaked out. I was summoned via phone call to come and see Alli's new apartment - no, wait - not Alli's new apartment - Alli and Nic's! Holy smokes! My daughter - my baby is getting married in about two weeks and that means she'll be living with a man! I've been so fine with it all and I'm still fine but it really hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. I will say their place is brand stinkin' new and really great. I brought her a roll of toilet paper as a house warming gift! I figure as they move in they may need to use the facilities. So all of my kids will be married in about two weeks. How does this happen? How do I get to be almost 50? I just really feel grateful for every day and every breath these days! So ms. Alli, welcome to the marriage club. This will be the best club you will EVER join! And thanks for the total freakout!