Monday, December 7, 2009


So it's colder than cold here today. I think we may have hit 15 degrees. So I'm thinking about my poor old horses and how cold they probably would get tonight. So I pulled out their blankets - three of them - to decide which two I wanted to use. I pulled one out into the pasture and tried it on Rio first and decided I didn't think that was the right one for her. So I dragged it back out of the corral and brought in another one. I put it up on her back and was getting it straightened out. I lifted up the back to re-adjust it and their was SO a mouse on her back wiggling around! I about passed out. Now how Rio didn't freak out I'll never know. I jumped away (I'm such a baby) and waited for it to drop out. Sure enough, it wiggled it's way out and jumped to the ground. What is that for a human - about 20 stories. Then it had the audacity to just sit their by Rio's hind feet and look at me - like "How dare you kick me out of my home" It finally skittered away and I got the nest it had been building in Rio's blanket out and got her strapped up. So the little mouse has no warm home anymore! Oh wait, it has the haystack, the underside of the ATV (I hear this can cause fires.....) the trailer, the shed, and a million other places. Rio and Moose are all snug in their blankies for the cold winter night. Have I mentioned I love mountain living?