Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fabrack Addict!

Paul has dubbed me a 'Fabrack Addict' This would be a play on the word crack addict. Only it's fabric. Has anyone ever been to Fabric Depot in Portland? It's the largest fabric store in the US. 7000 sq. ft. of beautiful, glorious fabric! Thank you Dani for introducing me! They have designer fabrics. They have designer patterns. I was truly shaking when I walked in! It is amazing! I also learned about the Puyallup Stiching Fair held in Puyallup WA every Feb. I just missed it. It's four days of demonstrations, designers, fabrics, quilting, crocheting, etc. I'm going next year - anyone coming?

Now the funny part of this story...........Paul was so excited for me to be getting fabric and patterns. He was excited that it makes me so happy to have a creative outlet. He asked me how much I spent - any of you who know Paul know that I don't really track what I spend very often and Paul is just happy to 'keep' me! I told him an estimate. He said 'Good. That makes me feel better.' I asked him why. He sheepishly told me that he won a bid on Ebay for a new set of golf clubs! I'm so happy for him! Just as long as he stays happy for me!