Monday, June 16, 2008

Moki and his treasures............

So I went riding a few days ago and Moki (and the cat weirdly enough) came along with me. Moki ducked under a tree and and grabbed this giant stick and then I didn't see him for awhile until I was on my way home. I could see him on the road way in front of me and I thought to myself that it was a very weird shaped stick. I brought Rio home and got her eating some hay and decided to go see Moki's stick. Imagine my horror when I found an entire deer leg - hoof and hair and all - on my front porch! I couldn't touch it - it was very a....fresh shall we say. So I got Alli. She put on Paul's shoe and tried to kick it off the porch but Moki immediately put it in his mouth and started swinging it around and slimed Alli's leg and foot. So when Paul got home he threw it way out in the bushes on the property. Fast forward to Sunday - Alli was gone - Paul was gone - and I went out last night to feed the horses and imagine my surprise when what was on the front porch yet again? You guessed it - the deer leg had reappeared. Thank you Moki for being a mighty hunter and sharing your finds with us. You make us proud!