Monday, October 5, 2009


It must just be the time of year but everyone seems to have their 'craft' on! I am probably the least crafty person I know. I have no patience. I want to do it quickly and finish quickly! But somehow I managed to get these done and I think they turned out pretty okay. The pics are mostly for my girls who are always asking to see what I've done!
This is a recipe card holder. I just modgepodged the paper on - embellished it with paper flowers and made the magnets with irregularly shaped glass stones. You glue the paper onto the back of them and then stick a magnet on the back. Nothing special for sure.

These came in a set from the Wood Connection in SLC. We have nothing of the sort here in Southern Oregon. Anyone want to start a business? The set cost about 22 bucks which I thought was a really great price. They stand about 16 inches high or so. Modgepodged paper on them, painted them black and put some glittery sutff on those.

I actually came up with this one. Paul got us a new chop saw and belt sander. He 'chopped' up some 4X4 wood post and a base on it. I painted everything black and then cut christmas paper squares just with about 1/4" of black showing. Modge podge them. Then I cut out some trees, a star, etc. to put on one side of each of the three blocks. More modge podge. Then I stacked them and put a ribbon around them. I really like these.

This was a plate from Walmart. About 4 bucks. I created this tree pattern. Modgepodged it right onto the white plate. I cut out the circles from some scrapbook paper and modgepodged those on as well. It was fun to do and I like the finished project.

I think I've done something else but I can't see it out right now in the mess of all this crafting! Please share your ideas with me! Love to steal away those cute ideas!