Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodbye....You have served us well.

We bought two of these chairs..........21 years ago! They have moved with us - moved up and down in the house - been laid on - eaten on - and generally lived in. But more importantly, they are our famous 'white chair talks' chairs. Everyone of our children have been asked on many occasions to join us for a white chair talk. We have discussed many things with our kids on those chairs. A few of our in-law kids have had some explainin' to do as to why they were marrying our kids. We've cried in those chairs. We laughed in those chairs. We've yelled at those in the chairs. We've been yelled back at by those in the chairs. I've fallen asleep with my own kids and my grandbabies in those chairs. They are famous in our family circle.

And I will say that only one of our children felt so left out for never having been called for a white chair talk that she asked for one on her own and confessed. What did she confess to? To seeing a movie that was different than the one she said she was going to. What a pathetic confession Alli!

We bid these chairs goodbye. They know more about our family than anyone. They are being adopted into a new home that has no children. They will be lonely for sure. So until we meet again.............