Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enough about poo!

This is the new Amy Butler patterns that I have discovered. I spent an eternity in the Hawaiian fabric store buying and looking at fabrics. Sorry Paul! I brought home about 25 yards of fabric. This bag is really sturdy - it's interfaced and I also used fusible fleece for extra padding and heaviness. Love it! Afterall, what's there not to love about a new bag!

This is a picture of a Tiki that was carved for us that we shipped home from Hawaii! A word to the wise - always check the prices of shipping before you commit to buying something in Hawaii! However, it was worth every penny of it. Paul just wanted a tiki to set on a rock by our pool. Maybe it will replace the owl that the birds sit on! The man who made it for us was probably late 20's and was a fourth generation carver. He would sit on the floor with the wood between his feet and just carve away. This tiki represent luck and happiness. It's a unique piece as it's multi colored and it has two 'trunks' coming out of the top which made it much more fun for the guy to carve. He recognized us from going to church so that was an added bonus that he's LDS. Can't wait to get it out on a rock! We got the surnames of all of our family carved into the back as well. And yes, the boys who share our last name got their own line with Stewart on it!