Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So this morning I had to get my tooth fixed - a crown. I really hate the dentists - even for a cleaning. So I took my Ipod and cranked up the Bach Goldberg Variations and tried to relax. As I was sitting there with a numb mouth (and ear and part of my eye!) I thought how far dentistry had come and how grateful I felt for all those people who were the guinea pigs early on that allow me relative comfort at the dentist. I think the worst part of this morning was the shot! When I was a kid, I would never allow them to give me any shots. I had every filling done without being numb. Stoopid! So all in all, I only sweated a little bit on my upper lip - this seems to be where I show nervousness, and I felt mostly relaxed and now my tooth feels great! Yea for good dentists!