Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It never gets old................

It just never gets old looking off my deck. All the bushes are in full bloom with little white flowers - my new crab apple tree is bright pink............all in all it's just lovely up here.

On another note, Alli's facebook status has changed to 'in a relationship'. Kind of freaked me out for a minute but only for a minute. Nic is a really nice guy and I guess Alli is old enough to date, right? Maybe we should hold a family council and take a vote on that...........I thought she was 14! tehe al...............

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I hate these things......

I do hate these things - I love reading what others write about themselves but honestly, I'm just not that interesting. However, I did tell Alli I would do it. Don't get any crazy thoughts - I will not ever be doing another one!

A- Attached or Single? Attached for good - 29 years - yeah baby!

B- Best Friend: See #1

C-Cake or Pie: Neither really but I would always pick pie - no fruity stuff tho -

D-Day: Everyday is Saturday for me (except Sunday of course!)

E- Essential Item: the sun

F- Favorite Color: Brown - is there any color that's more gloious - I think not.

G-Gummy Bears or Worms: ick on both counts

H-Home town: Klamath Falls, Oregon

I- Indulgences: My life

J- January or July?: July - sun.......

K-Kids: yep - 5 originals - 4 add-ons

M- Marriage Date: Jan. 17th 1979

N- Number of Siblings: 1 bro 1 sis

O- Oranges or Apples: There is absolutely nothing better than a Mutzu apple. Grown for baking purposes makes them so tart!

P- Phobias or Fears: Being put in a vat of mayonaise..........

Q- Quote: "The most important work you will ever do will never be done."

R- Reason To Smile: my familia

S- Season: Summer for pool time and horse riding - Fall because of the colors and smells but then there's the Christmas season and would like that all year long! I guess I only really despise Spring and that's because there is no such thing.

T- Tag Three: I would never subject someone to these things!

U- Unknown Fact About Me: I'm really pretty quiet in a crowd.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: MEAT!

W- Worst Habit: nail biting tho I'm 3 weeks off of it!

X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasound

Y-Your favorite food: Watermelon ranks among the best -

Z: Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

You are welcome Alli!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am so proud of myself!

I just changed my template without Alli's help. Now I know this may not be a big deal for some of you but for me it was a 'Christmas Miracle'! Now I'm going out to the pool..........................

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A sad day..........

So on Mothers Day I was driving home from Salem after a glorious week and a glorious day when I got a call from my parents. They informed me that my cousin Shauna, who is my age, lost her son to a motorcycle accident on Saturday night. He was 20. I thought to myself what a different Mother's Day I had in comparison to my first cousin. I was celebrating Ben's new life post graduation from law school and Shauna was having to bear the grief of planning her son's funeral. I will never understand in this life why God takes some and leaves others. I do know that He has a plan for all of us. I also know that I am grateful for His healing hand in our lives...........

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day.......

It's not a secret in our family - and many others I know - that Mother's Day is a difficult day for me. Don't ask why. I just don't really care for it. I have complained about it for years. My poor kids probably think I don't like being a mom. I don't like the talks in church about mothers. I don't like the flowers they give me. I don't like this sense that everyone is walking on eggshells on Mother's Day - and they are! Because I have made them wonder how they should behave on Mother's Day to make me happy! Rotten mom, aren't I?

Let me share a few thoughts I've had this week. I love being a mom. I find there hasn't been anything that compares to the thrills of motherhood. I love that I was blessed to stay home with them. Thanks to their Dad! I love that they seem to still kind of like me and want to hang around me! I love that they ask for advice. I love them. It's just that pure and simple. And as they tell me they love me and thank me for being a great mom, I just look at them like 'Who are you talking about?' It's me who should be thanking them. I look at the kind of people they have become and I can't believe they still want to claim me as theirs! I feel sooooo priveleged to witness their lives. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. I feel so incredibly humbled that they love me back. Me...........all of me.......the warts....and the good stuff too! So while I haven't said it very eloquently, I hope that they know the love I have for each one of them. I do stand in awe at each one of them. Every day is Mother's Day for me! I love you Summer, Ben, Dani, Sam, and Alli..............and I promise next year to not complain about Mother's Day! (Which will be quite easy because I have already invited my mom to go away somewhere on the worst day of the year with me!)

Amazing Week!

I have had the most amazing week and weekend! First, I got to watch over and love on all my grandbabies this week. Paul, Alli, and I were in Portland and watched Carter and Andi for 4 days while their parents were at a wedding in sunny AZ. It was so fun to really be around them for every moment of every day. They are amazing little people to say the least. By the time their parents were home, Andi was crawling and Carter was shaving...............well, that last one wasn't true but the first one was! We played, went to the zoo, met up with Grayson and Calvin and their parents Ben and Sharon for a night on the town...........we just had a great time. I feel very blessed to have the grandchildren I do and can't wait for the next two to get here!

Today was an amazing day as a mother. I got to watch Benjamin graduate with honors from Willamette Law School! I love the pomp and circumstance. I love the regalness of it all. I loved that they had a bagpipe and drum corp accompanying the graduates in and out of ceremony. I love the robes they wear. I love the tams and tassles. It was truly awesome. I loved that Sharons parents made the effort to fly up for this special occasion. I love that my grandbabies were there and well behaved. Congratulations Ben on this truly incredible day and accomplishment! It was a wonderful day for me as your mom................

Is it Christmas yet?

Why? you may ask do I wonder if it's Christmas yet............

I was driving back home from Salem tonight......going across the Willamette Pass.........a fresh dusting of snow.........Christmas music playing (Bebo Norman is awesome!).......and I found myself wishing it was October so Christmas would just be around the corner..........Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Two handsome men................

Monday Monday......................

Thanks to ms. Alli for helping me figure out the backgrounds for our site!
The Sunriver trip is on and the fabulous house is booked. If you want to take a lookie-lou, check out Sunriver Resort house vacation rentals. Follow this:, accomodations, vacation rentals, type in Oregon for the street name,click on Oregon Loop #15. It is the nicest and largest house we've ever stayed at. Sorry Ben and Jefferson. 5 br 5 ba 3300 sq. ft. Pool table. Hot tub. Living room and family room. We are going to be very comfortable. Everyone get's their own room except Alli of course. Poor Alli! But she's good with it all. Her turn will be coming! We are arriving on Tuesday, July 15th and check out Sunday, July 20th! Hope you can all make it. Anyone is welcome to come here the weekend before as well! Loves to all!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back from a visit.....

So I returned this afternoon from a few days up in Salem. Stayed with Ben and Sharon. It was such fun. Their boys are just adorable. Cal wins the 'easiest to get to smile' contest. He just chortles and looks around.....YUMMY! Gray does love his grandma. Dani and her kids came down last night. She and Sharon and the kids were already at the park when I arrived from Portland (I played for some choirs at State Choir). They were all the way on the other side. When Sharon and Dani saw me they pointed and told the boys that Grandma was here. When they saw me they both just started out in a dead run! This is the life of incredible joy. I love those boys so much. And ms. Andi - well, she's a flirt and she seems to think I'm pretty great too! She has changed so much. I took my camera and when I went to get it out it was my IPOD. Boy am I dumb sometimes.........