Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm an Aquarian. I think this may be the cause and root of all water problems that seem to plague Paul and I. In our old house on Pacific Terrace we had geothermal. This is supposed to be a free way to heat the house and pool. It was not free. We pulled our well and replaced pipes a lot. I figured that when we built a house that we would be water problem free! Wrongo! We have been in this house for 2 1/2 years and we've had the well pulled 3 times! The first time there was a hole in one of the pipes. This well goes down 850 feet. The company had never had a hole in these kinds of pipes - EVER! Enter - the Stewart family. The second time our pump in the well went out. No pump - no water. They couldn't believe the pump would go out. Enter yet again - the Stewart family. For the past week we have been struggling to keep the well on. It stops. We turn off the power to it for 5 minutes. We turn it back on. The water starts back. up. This would go on about 4 -6 times a day. So first they replaced a wire in the well that they thought was burned out. Did this fix it? No. Then they replaced the control panel and thought for sure that would fix it. Did this fix it? No. Yesterday they pulled all 850 ft. of pipe out. Today they put in a new pump. Did this fix it? So far! So while I have water today and didn't yesterday, or the day before, or.......etc........I am pessimistic that I will have water in the morning. Anyone know of some weird water curse going around?