Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Have One Great Ward!

Last night we had a Sweetheart's Dinner at our ward. Ladies from the Relief Society were asked to set a nice table with their best dishes. We had enough for 8 tables and ended up with 10 tables set because we had so many people show up. Members brought their friends and neighbors. It was decorated just so nice and it made you feel like you were in a nice restaurant. The food was delicious - there was a Chinese theme for the evening. We had egg drop soup, schezwan wraps, chicken chowmein, beef and broccoli, house fried rice, homemade key lime pie, and homemade angel food cake. My quartet sang - E.Q. - and they all came with their spouses!

Now the food and decor was lovely but the people are what made the evening. Here's a shout out to April, Tiffany, and Rachel for all they did. Thanks for letting me be a part of the evening! And to my ward family - I love you all! You make our ward a wonderful place to worship and fellowship!