Sunday, April 27, 2008

The View.............never gets old..............

Any takers? It just never gets old to look off of my deck.....ahhh.......

Grandpa just couldn't help himself!

Grandpa (aka Paul) was walking thru the store on Saturday and he saw this! He said, "Can't you just see our grandbabies playing in this? They would love it. I think we just need it!" And the next thing you know, they are loading the box into the back of the 'scalade'. We (meaning Paul, and perhaps Ben....) will have to put this together soon. We have just the place for it so we can watch the kids playing from the kitchen window. Grandpa even started making rock steps from the pool deck up to the side of the house where it will be. That Grandpa loves his grandkids!

The Animal Farm

These two are inseparable! Moki and Toots!

This is my new girl Rio (the horse formerly known as Rosie). She is a 20 year old retired thoroughbred racing horse. I have the papers that shows the races she won AND made money on. She raced as a three year old and then was used mostly as a brood mare. She is such an incredible horse and I am loving riding her on the mountain!

another view!

Soup and swap......

Our RS had a soup and swap. In our RS we only have about 8 - 10 people that show up. It was a really fun night. Delicious soup! People just brought stuff they were sending off to the Goodwill. This was in the pile going to the dump! Can you believe that? So I snatched it up after I made sure nobody else wanted it. I brought it home to show Paul my treasure. He said, "Andi will just love playing with that!" I reminded him that Gray and Carter would love it too. He actually rolled his eyes!