Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walmart bathrooms.

I've sworn them off forever. Now mind you, I try hard not to have to use public bathrooms. It just seems un-natural to have women lined up next to each other with a half wall between them........... However, I had to go to Walmart to exchange something and when I got there the diet coke that I'm not supposed to be drinking and that I have sworn off but apparently only half-heartedly decided that it was indeed a diuretic. So I walk into the bathroom and the stalls were full but besides that I looked down at the floor and in front of the sink was a womens - full size women's - pair of undies in front of the sink full of poo! And there were many paper towels in the same disrepair next to them. Who is poo-ing and leaving their undies on the floor? At least put them in the garbage can. How about you just leave the store next time and take care of things at home. And who were the women who were in the stalls as if nothing was going on in there? Sufficeth it to say, my gag reflex kicked in - I gagged and walked - no, ran out..............Honestly, what is the matter with people these days?