Monday, March 23, 2009

The Annual Palm Springs trip!

Me and Judes have begun an annual tradition of going to Palm Springs the week before spring break. The first year was under the guise of an art show she wanted to check out. However, we discovered that we had missed the art show all together. Now we just go to go! The pictures show you what happens on little sleep, late nights, crocheting, over shopping, and driving around in the convertible all night.............we put on these anti-wrinkle strips thinking we could erase our 'lines'. You be the judge.......

The Harmon Grandkiddies!

Paul had a meeting up in Portland for a day so I tagged along and got one day in with the Harmon family! We played hard for the day. Mac's is always a great place to visit. Carter just loved sitting in Ronald McDonalds lap. He figured out how to climb up all on his own. He was so proud of himself. I had a hard time getting a pic with ms. Andi! She's such a mover and wiggler. She did find a treasure or two on the floor of the playplace. She brought us a piece of chewed gum complete with the longest black hair you could find. For those of you who don't know our family, loose hairs are on the top of the 'nothing grosses me out more than this' list! Thank you to Carter and Andi for being such good sports about going to FAbric Depot. They were perfect angels. We also went to an old pancake house the next morning. It was soooo old. We dubbed it the breakfast shack. I'm pretty sure that the grease they cooked the food in was the original grease from about 1928. It was full plates of just good old food. I felt pretty yucky afterwards...........

The Stewart grandboys!

Ben had a hearing in Medford so he and his family came to visit. Ben's hearing got cancelled so he headed up to Salem until the weekend. So Sharon and the boys stayed and visited for about 5 days and we had such a great time. Ben came over the weekend so it was good to see him too! Never enough time with them! We went to the sports park open gym and let the boys run wild. They really enjoyed it. There weren't too many kids there so they got the run of the field. Grayson just loved the big yoga ball. He bounced and bounced on it. He bounced off of it. It was really funny to watch. Calvin just wanted to do what his big brother did. We went to Mac's and let them run around as well. Grandpa loves to meet up with us there for a little libation and a lot of his grandboys! Gray loves to play at the computer desk. He gets in the desk drawer and organizes things for me. Sounds a bit like his dad to me...........

The Andrus Grandkiddie!

I had such a nice visit with Summer, Joshua, and Reece and Sam and Nikki! I went to Utah in February and spent a weekend with Sam and Nikki and then up to Sumo's house and spent a few days there as well. Ms. Reece is just adorable and it was so much fun to get to know her better. I sure wish they lived closer! Grandkiddies and kiddies! Thank you to my kids and in-law kids and ms. Reece for a really great week. I am so bad at taking pics of them so I didn't get one single one of the grown-ups!