Monday, September 28, 2009

The rest of the story...............

After the blessing weekend, we packed up the moving truck and got Dani and her familia moved to Boise. They have a great home and it looks like they will do very well there. Paul flew in on Wednesday night to Boise so he could get a lookie lou at their new digs and make sure those grandkiddies knew that we would be around at their new place. We drove to Logan and then onto SLC and Provo to visit the rest of our family and celebrated our son Sam's 24th birthday and our grandaughter, Reece, 1st birthday! It was so fun to see all of them. On Friday we took Reece and Summer to Hogle Zoo. Joshua had to work so he wasn't able to join us. She loved what she could see - any big animals! She's just such a happy toot and just kind of goes with the flow. It was fun to spend the day with my oldest daughter, Summer, as well!

We met up with Sam and Nikki on Friday night at Tucanos, a brazillian restaurant, to celebrate Sam's 24th birthday. And did we ever celebrate! At 6'9" tall, dancing with a tambourine is interesting to say the least! He really is a good dancer - but he cannot do the worm! I can attest to this! Great food, wonderful family, lots of meat! Delicious! Don't Nikki and Summer just glow with the preggers glow?

Saturday morning Paul and Sam played a links course in Provo and Nikki and I went out and started looking at material for the baby's nursery. No pics of Nikki and I! Sorry Nikki!

The rest of Saturday we spent getting ready for the big birthday party! Cupcakes were frosted (with a bit of a struggle as it was so hot it was melting the frosting!), banners hung, balloons hung, presents wrapped, food prepared, and then the fun began! Reece seemed to enjoy the festivities but not quite as much as the rest of us. She did sit and pose for us! She dug into the frosting of her cake. She opened presents thruout the day. She mostly loved hanging out with her cousins and little friends who joined us for the party. She is very social and independant! It was fun to watch her interact with everyone. She has a very loving family in Josh's family. His parents and sibs just love her. It always makes it easier to leave knowing they are there to love on her!

Then it was finally bath time!

After Reece went to bed we were sitting in the living room and Nikki was laying on the couch. She all of a sudden just sat up and said, "I just felt the baby move!" What a special event to witness. She was just glowing and I think Sam felt pretty jealous. The men just have to wait their turn to feel the baby!

We drove back to Oregon on Sunday. It was an uneventful drive tho we did see JDonks right by the road, wild horses, and antelope. Did I mention I love where I live?

I sure miss my kids and grandkiddies. I love them all so much. None of these fun times and leisure time would be possible without the head of our family. Thank you Paul, yet again, for all you do for all of us. We are all so appreciative!

Whew! I think that about takes care of my past week. Lots of details and pictures were left out but you get the idea! Now onto Institute starting back up, crafts to finish, jazz piano lessons starting, etc............ It is sure going to be fun week! It would be better if all of these people I've blogged about (including Al and Nic who never get blogged about because they live here!) were here with me! My basement is preferable!


This past week has been crazy! It started out with Taytum's blessing day. Paul, Ben and Sharon and boys, Nic and Alli were all there. I was so pleased to see my men folk standing in the circle honoring their priesthood. Her blessing was beautiful and I know that she will feel the power of that blessing thru her life.

Paul finally caught a picture of 'the dimple'! Isn't she just so beautiful!

We hit up OMSI with the kiddies and topped it off with a lenghthy visit to Chuck E. Cheese. I bought 120 tokens and when Paul came up to the table after ordering the pizza, he had gotten 120 tokens as well. It was heaven for the kiddies (and grownups)!


Mother In Training!:

I just love this little family of mine!


Paul and I swung (is this a word?) thru Logan to visit Paul's dad, Clyde Stewart. He will be 97 in November. He lives in an assisted living place but does really well for the most part. His mind is mostly clear. He gets confused about a few things but overall is doing well. He's physically limited in what he can do but the doctor says he is in the best shape he's been in for a long time. I'm glad that Paul took the time to stop by and visit. We just never know when it will be the last time. I thought this picture turned out really well.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


These little people (and their parents) are moving away from Oregon to start a new life in Boise, Idaho. I can hardly stand that they will be a few hours extra away from me. I know they will be successful wherever they hang their hats. However, Oregon will never be the same without them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Holy flies...........

So I am not sure what the dealio is with the flies today. All of the windows are closed unless they have a screen on them. The screens are secure. In my kitchen alone I have swatted and destroyed over 25 flies. I think I may die. They are making me sick. Where in the world are they coming from? Well, I know where they are coming from (hello, horse poop.....) but how are they getting in? Ugh.................

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I get another one of these......

Yep, this little grandbaby of mine, ms. Reece - age 11 months (who belongs to Summer and Joshua) is getting a sibling! Grandbaby #8 is going to make his/her appearance mid March - about the same time as grandbaby #7! The baby domino has tipped! Bring 'em on!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NYC Adventures..............

I thought I would share a few pictures and memories from our trip to NYC. I forgot my camera and Paul had lost his small camera so we had to buy a camera and didn't do so until midway thru the trip. So typical of us. You know, once you don't have kids to take pictures of it's just not as important (or fun I might add!) But here are a few!

Paul and I took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back across the Brooklyn bridge which spit us out into lower Manhatten.

The Statue of Liberty via the Staten Island Ferry. After the ferry we walked forever thru China Town and ended up at Katz's Deli which we found out about thru Man vs. Food on the travel channel. And yes, the pastrami on rye is as good as they said it would be! It's also the place where the famous scene in 'When Harry Met Sally' happened. We didn't know this until we arrived! It's an interesting place. Very busy and lots of men behind the counter and their only job is to carve meat and yell at the customers. Paul so got yelled at! It's the most frantic place I've ever been. Men with butcher knives yelling at you, these little ticket things you have to hold onto and give to them and then they have to give them back and if you don't have yours when you go to leave you don't get to leave. For reals. Somehow we survived with our two tickets in hand and a belly full of delicious pastrami.

We went to Harlem two different times. The second time we went pretty far into Harlem and went to another Man vs. Food place called Sylvias. Sylvia moved to Harlem and worked in a restaurant and then the owners offered for her to buy it. Her parents mortgaged their farm so she could buy it and the rest is history! It's such a nothing looking place from the outside. We actually thought it might be closed. We saw it was open and went inside to a very nice place. We ordered the famous southern deep fried chicken and it was spectacular! And the cornbread................well there are no words to describe that! Sylvia was sitting at a table just watching customers come and go. I recognized her so on our way out we stopped and chatted with her. Total humble woman - thankful we came to her place - it was truly a great experience. I loved Harlem.

This is a picture of us just really enjoying our time together. I need to thank Paul for a wonderful trip. To have him all to myself is quite a treat. He turned his phone off and that was pretty much it the whole week! Paul is one of the most thoughtful people I know. I know it seems as tho it's because he takes me on trips(tho this doesn't hurt any!) but really it's just because he's always thinking of me before him. What a wonderful quality in a husband. He was so excited to have me experience the US Open - this was a total bucket list moment for me. He was so excited to have me go to Broadway shows. I feel cherished. So thank you Chito for being my best friend and the best person I know! In all ways..........

Here is a list of some of my favorite moments:

1. Flushing Meadows.......
2. In The Heights.........
3. Sitting courtside within about 10 feet of the US Open players and watching the ball go by us at 130 miles/hour.....
4. Dallas BBQ salad at midnight...........
5. John Travolta.............
6. The Gospel choir by the Apollo theater........
7. Walking the streets of Manhatten at 1 am.......
8. Thinking the rat was a squirrel in the subway.....(other than the tail looking a bit different it was totally the same size as the squirrels on our mountain and it lopes the same as well.......)
9. Cupcakes and cokes................
10. Central Park
11. The obsession with the pedometer........we walked 28 miles!
I could continue on with this list forever..............

Thanks for the memories........

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A shout-out to Kathy B. in AZ!

I have meant to write this a few times Kathy/Cathy. Pretty bad that I don't even know how to spell your name. Here are the things that I wanted to tell you:

1. A.Mazing lesson in RS while I was visiting. You are such a real person and you really were able to relate how you felt about having friendships. I have thought about it so many times. Thank you for preparing and sharing! It was great!

2. Love your hair. You are a hair soul-mate. I can tell.

3. Thanks for grabbing me in the hall and confessing your stalking habit. Made me feel good!

4. If I lived there, I think we would become good good friends FAST!

Just thought I'd give you a shout out from sunny KFalls - temperature - a balmy sixty five degrees! Tell that sister of mine to jump on a plane and get here fast - her hot cocoa and fire is awaiting! You could join her................

Stake Conference

We had the amazing experience of having Elder Perrin Walker from the seventies join us for our Stake Conference. He asked to stay in our home on Saturday night. I wish I could send a piece of the feelings he brought into our home and into our conference to all of you.

I have to admit to being a bit nervous about him staying here. Like what do you do when you come home from the Saturday night session? I figured he would be tired but no, we stayed up for hours talking and having a plate of cheese, crackers, and fruit. He was so gracious.

Here are a few things I learned about church service:

1. There are no limits to what is expected of us where service is concerned. Elder Walker practices law full time and then leaves just about every Friday - Sunday to do stake conferences and other assignments for the church.

2. It takes a really good wife to stand behind her husband when they are asked to serve. Elder Walker spoke so highly of his wife. It was just touching to listen to him re-count tales of their marriage and of raising their family together. I have some work to do..............

3. Serving in the church does not save you from having trials. I already knew this but to listen to Elder Walkers life stories had a tremendous impact on me. They are a regular family with regular distractions and trials. They had a baby die 10 hours after birth. It was a remarkable story that he told us and so spiritual. Was it easy for them? No. Did they suffer? Yes. Did it strengthen their convictions? Yes. Did it strengthen their family and marriage? Yes. Has it given him an added measure of compassion as he serve. Yes. They had a 24 year old daughter die a few years back in an auto accident. Also very difficult but to listen to him tell us what he's learned and how he's grown...........amazing. This is a regular family that has chosen to serve and do what they are asked to do and they have risen to the challenge.

4. I learned that the leaders of the church really do see us as individual stakes, wards, branches, and families. Elder Walker shared the process he went thru as he traveled to our stake and how he spent hours just trying to focus in on the needs of our little stake here in Klamath Falls. It was evident that he had done this by his talks and certainly by our chat with him. He shared with Paul some really special feelings he had coming over the mountain pass that has really affected Paul and me. Again, amazing. He was really here to serve our stake and the individuals in it. He had a profound love when he arrived. It was evident.

What a privelege and honor to be taught by this man of God. I know my life has been 'changed for the better'.