Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can't be outdone!

I just couldn't be outdone by Nikki's rat story! I was out in the horse shed to get some high fat oats for our horses this morning - they just seem to struggle with weight in the spring - and I saw the saddle move. I just froze and thought 'Well it's probably a pack rat if it was big enough to move the saddle'. I eventually unfroze and opened up the plastic garbage can we keep the oats in and there were two mice in there just stuffing their faces with the high fat oats. I think they looked up at me but I'm not sure because I'm pretty sure I was screaming in a high pitched girly scream and running out of the shed. I'm so NOT girly in any way, shape, or form except when it comes to the mice. Then when I turned back around to look at the shed a wild cat came running out! Glad it wasn't a pack rat. I came and told Paul my dilema and that he would just have to deal with it. So he pulled on his work gloves and went out to the shed in his beautiful suit and scooped them out and threw them over the fence. It just got him a laughin' because as he threw them they spread their hands and feet out and just sailed. Mountain living I tell ya!

On another note, pictures have been found (okay, they were sent by Dani) of the other grandkiddies that didn't seem to make my first post very much. Here are a few other looks at my beautiful babies!

The new family - Sam, Nikki, and Jay

Chito, Carter, and Andi

Carter took this picture of the grownups at the Aquarium!

Deej and me....

New daddy Sam and his boy, Jay

The kiddies at the aquarium!

Happy Happy Tay

G'Nite Carter............


Mamaappah said...

ICK!!!! Shivers...yay for husbands!

Miss K said...

z! i really really miss you! but i am loving the pics of you and your fam! you must be having the best time seeing them all!!!!