Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bubba Jay.......presh.....

Jay curled up sleeping

Sisters Reece & Remi........can anyone think of a third girls 'R' name? (and no, this is not an announcement!)

Carter, Reece, and Andi in their Easter duds.....Andi thought Carter should NOT be in the picture - "It's just girls Carter!"

I did a lot of this with ms. Remi...............yum for my Gramzee arms!

Good looking husband makes good looking kids which makes good looking grandbabies!

Newbies Jay & Remi

I love this picture of Taytum - Tay Tay - TayWa - Tater Tot - looking interested in ms. Reece!

Easter dresses.......Reece and girls the both of them!

Gramzee and Reece - we got to be best friends while I was there. Grandbabies are so good for the self esteem - they are soooo excited to see you when they wake up in the morning - when they wake up after naps - when you leave and come back - just about anytime.

Somehow I can't seem to find pics of me and Bubba Jay...hmmmmm..........oh where oh where have the pictures gone.....and Tayter Tot was there too! hmmmm.......... And Carter?

One week in Palm Springs with my dear friend Judes, one week in Utah with Summer and Reece and Josh while Summer cooked the baby til perfectly done - one week in Utah being best friends with Reece, one weekend with all but two of my grandbabies, one week with Dani, Carter, Andi, and Taytum, one weekend with Ben, Sharon, Grayson, and Cal added to the mix = happy Gramzee arms, happy Gramzee soul, and happy mom! I sure had a good time. I love you all! mom, z, zan, gramzee, tink............


Summer said...

We just had the BEST time with you and sooo appreciate you taking two weeks to come be with us and help us out. Can't wait to see you again in a week or so! Love you!

Rachel Garcia said...

Rachel starts with "R"

Jana said...

Good thing your kids keep having babies, being a Grandma looks good on you.

They are all beautiful!!!

mom-jayne said...

I have to've gone some dang cute grandbabies...What a month for you!!!

Dani said...

It was a wonderful time, wasn't it?!? I'll send some more pics your way and hopefully post some up myself in the near future. Thanks for a fabulous beginning to April!! We all miss you terribly!

Chris & Colter said...

My cousin's name is Raili and I've always LOVED it!!! :)