Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Paul didn't ask me not to type it, or mutter it to others, or to think it.

He has been sick with cold, cough, and general chest yuck for 4 weeks - at least! - and I have been telling him, as any good wife would, that he should see the doctor to which he ALWAYS replied 'I'm fine, I haven't been sick as long as you think, I'm doing so much better, You're not my mother'

So I get a call last night from the aforementioned and he had a confession to make. He started it with 'Please don't SAY 'I told you so' which was followed by the confirmation that he had pneumonia.

On the other hand, we know he has this because he had his 5 year cancer PET scan and they found his right lung pretty messy with the general chest yuck. The blessing is that we are on our way to knowing that he is cancer free (for the second time we/he has hit the 5 year mark) and the other blessing is that I can feel very vindicated when I type, think, or mutter 'I TOLD YOU SO!'


Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

No fun to be sick, but I'm glad he finally got in to the doctor to get checked out! Sounds like you deserve every bit of that I TOLD YOU SO! :)

And a HUGE hooray for a clear PET scan and being cancer free! I really wish you guys would let us know when those come up so we can send our extra prayers!

Jana said...

I am so glad Paul got a clean bill of health.(at least with the cancer)

I told you so is saved for these times and I doubt you have to say it...He knows!!

Good husbands always do :)

Unknown said...

Yea for a clear PET, and glad he can finally get some meds and stop being sick.

Dani said...

Yes, I was slightly perturbed when Dad emailed me all of this. You should definitely let us know when he has his PET scans so that we can keep him/you in our prayers (more than we already are). But yes, a huge sigh of relief! Don't we always tell our husbands so? :) (and remember, when men say that you aren't their mother, tell them to stop acting like they need one!)