Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Summer!

My oldest daughter turned 29 today. Happy Birthday Summer! She is a super great daughter and I thought perhaps I would list a few of my favorite things about her!

1. The smile! Honestly, you just can't beat her contagious smile!
2. Generous spirit! She is really generous is her giving of time and talents to others.
3. She is a worrier! She worries about Reece. She worries about Joshua. She worries about our family. She worries about her Dad's health. She worries about her young women. She worries about her siblings. She worries about her nieces and nephews. It's all good worry. She just really loves her family!
4. She is a good good mom. Ms. Reece is really blessed to have her as her mom. She is so attentive. She is so patient. She knows hers limits and makes sure that she walks away when those limits are met. She just knows she has the most perfect, most beautiful, most wonderful daughter! She appreciates being a mom so much. After losing two pregnancies she really appreciates being a mom in a different way.
5. She loves to connect with our family. She calls often. She asks about everyone. She loves her sibs, their spouses, their kids, her parents, her grandparents. She writes her 95 year old grandpa who is......well, just really old....a card every so often. He so appreciates that.
6. She appreciates living a clean wholesome life. Nothing else to say about that!
7. She is a good daughter.
8. She is so talented. Crafty. Plays the piano beautifully. And she is the meanest soccer player I ever watched. Mean in a good way of course. I'm pretty sure she talked trash with the best of them in high school! I lived for her games!
9. She doesn't like confrontation. This is mostly a good thing I think!
10. She is so non-judgemental - to a fault! She just doesn't judge people by anything. I think she really respects others and their choice of life-style.
11. Strong sense of right and wrong.

Well, I could keep going with my list. And I'm sure my other kids will expect a list on their birthday too! I hope I remember! Remind me will ya?

Happy Birthday Summer! You are just a blessing in my life. I wish you lived closer. I love you as a daughter, sister in the gospel, and friend!

Love, mom


Summer said...

Thanks Mom! That just made me a little teary! I don't think I'd be who I am or where I am if it wasn't for two wonderful parents who brought me up the right way (even when I tried to resist it!)

Wish we lived closer, too, and can't wait to come visit soon!

Love you!

(PS - That is a HORRIBLE picture of me! Was I pregnant in that picture? I'd love to have something to blame it on! Yikes!)

mrs p said...

I agree to all of the above - she is an amazing example to us all! Love you Summer! :)

Shauna said...

Summer is great!

natalie said...

those are all so true!