Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gramma Zee + grandkiddies = LOVE!

Andi seemed to do just fine after eating the paint! I think she looks a bit like ninja turtle. They look pretty cute in their craft shirts!

Swinging at the park

I made super hero capes - Andi loved carrying hers around. She WOULD NOT put it on. Carter pretty much lived in his. He wore it to the playland at McDonalds. He wore it to OMSI. He wore it to the park. I didn't let him wear it to church, baths, or sleeping. He busted out some pretty awesome moves when he wore his cape and mask. He ran fast like 'Dash'! (What is The Incredibles!)

Absolute angels on Sunday morning - even thru church! I could hardly stand to leave them at the nursery. It just seemed forever til I got to see them again!

This was Andi's idea of getting herself dressed. I drew the line on this outfit!

Loaded up and on the way to OMSI!

To say they were soaking wet may be an understatement! Andi loved the fish and struck up many conversations and saddled up to anyone who looked like a mom!

Our last stop at OMSI was the sandbox. Carter wasn't too sure about getting his toes in the sand but once he figured out there were sifters, it was a done deal.

So pretty much, I had the best week ever. I sure hope I get to do something like this with all my grandkiddies. It was so fun to just play and play and be there 100% for them. It's an experience that has changed me forever. Thank you Carter and Andi for making me feel like I was the best grandma in the world! I love you!


Dani said...

THANK YOU!!! My kids miss you!! Carter keeps you and Grandpa in his prayers still, Carter's cape still makes frequent appearances, and Andi still asks for "grandpa....Z" in the mornings. We'll get that "ma" thing down one of these days! Thanks for being such an amazing grandma!!

suzanne said...

Truly my pleasure! Tell those kiddies Grandma Z misses them terribly!

Summer said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! I hope we're able to give you the same opportunity with Reece someday! You are a great Grandma!

Mamaappah said...

What fun posts! My favorite picture has to be the one of Andi in her footies with the hat and gloves. He little face is so funny! Such a fun family you have.