Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to our world!

Welcome to our world Reece Noelle Andrus! Proud parents: Summer and Joshua Andrus! Reece weighed in at 7lbs. 10oz. on September 25th! She shares a birthday with her Uncle Sam who was born in 1985 and with her great-grandma on her daddy's side of the family! She is perfect! She has a load of blonde hair and now that she has her tummy full she is just a happy baby. I was so thrilled to be there during the events before and after! What a great home she has been born into. Her parents are just thrilled and all of those mommy/daddy instincts have kicked in! I think Summer still can't believe that she has a baby and how much she loves her! Joshua jsut can't believe there could be a prettier baby! Thanks Summer and Josh for a new grand daughter and for letting me be there to witness this perfect miracle!


Kelda said...

oh my gosh!! she doesn't even have a squishy face!! she's so cute!! congrats!

Sharon said...

She is beautiful! I can't believe how different she already looks from the first pictures I saw. Congrats again Summer and Josh!

Summer said...

Thank you SO much for being here during it all! We definitely couldn't have survived that first little bit without you, and it was so special to have you at the hospital and when she first came home.

Love you!