Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Originals!

This is the original family that started it all in the Jensen, Sargent, and Stewart families! I think we've all aged quite nicely - like a good stinky cheese I hear! We had soooooo much fun at our 80th birthday celebration for mom and dad - yes mom, you aren't 80 yet! But you had better make it to 80 since we made such a big deal about it! I really love my parents and my siblings. I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with any of them over the years. I should have done a better job at that. However, it was so great to just pick back up with them all and know that we just all love one another. I know that may sound corny but I really mean it. They are just great people with great families - this includes you, mom and dad! I hope that my children never let an opportunity go by to stay in touch with their sibs. I hope that they never let too much time go by without a call or a visit. I hope that they let their sibs know that they love them and their kids!
I added the ski lift picture because they just make me laugh when I look at them. The first one is of mom, dad, and dave riding up. It was a beautiful day at Sundance. The sky was blue, the leaves were turning, the weather was spot on. The ride down which happened only moments later as the minute we reached the top a giant black cloud appeared and we were hurried down the mountain.
It poured the whole way down! As soon as we got to the bottom it quit raining and we enjoyed our drive up in the mountains to see the colors. It was an eventful drive as Dave drove off the road and got the back tire caught in a ditch - well it really wasn't his fault. We saw a flock, gaggle, herd - whatever you call them - of wild turkeys just off the road. Who ever sees one wild turkey nonetheless an entire flock, gaggle, herd of them! It was amazing and well worth the trip off of the road!

Thanks Jayne and Dave for making this time together so incredibly wonderful. I enjoyed you both and loved having Janet along to keep us in check. Happy 80th Mom and Dad!


Dyan said...

yes, you're all getting riper with time (you stinky cheese!)! And you're all wonderful! I'm glad the originals got to get together and realize you all still love and admire each other! And congrats on little Reese...another precious grandbaby!

Sharon said...

That is a great picture of you guys. You are all so good looking! Glad you all had a fun time together. Living away from family, I can now understand how easy it is to loose touch with siblings (my brothers in particular!) Times just lips away and you realize it has been a month since you talked to them last. I will take your advice!