Tuesday, November 3, 2009

March Madness

Two new babies are to join the ranks of our grandkids. They are both due in March. March 18th and the 26th. This will be Sam and Nikki's first baby - a boy and Summer and Josh's second baby - a girl.

Baby boy Stewart - eta March 18 This one belongs to Sam and Nikki.

These next two girls belong to Summer and Joshua.
Baby girl Andrus - eta March 26th

Reece 13 months

These two boys belong to Ben and Sharon.
Calvin almost 2

Grayson 3 1/2

The final three belong to Dani and Jefferson.
Taytum 4 months

Andi 2 1/2

Carter 3 1/2

The baby domino has tipped in our family and we are loving it. So, any takers to tip the next one over? Alli, Sharon, Dani?


Summer said...

That's one good looking group of kids if I do say so myself! Can't wait to see who has baby news for us next!!!!

nic and allison said...

Love those kids! We shall see who's next on the list......

Dani said...

Go Alli! (or Sharon!) I need a couple months to recover. Those are some good looking grandkids though. Lucky grandparents that you are! :)

meg baker said...

What an amazing family you have gathered. I'm sure you are loving all those babies!