Monday, July 20, 2009

Might Moki and another story to boot!

This morning April and I hiked the service road on the mountain near our house. I am pretty sure I showed it to most of you. It is very steep and difficult for humans. So Moki started to follow us. First off it was 6am. Secondly, Moki can hardly stand yet alone hike. He just kept following us and following us. He really bugged me. I kept scolding him to stay home. I finally started throwing a few rocks in his direction to let him know he was not wanted. To no avail..............Moki the Mighty hiked the service road. He stayed right with us (much to my dismay) and on our way home he pooped out around the office. However, I walked in the door around 8:10am and was showered and back out the door by 8:30am and he was already home. How he did this is certainly a miracle. St. Moki!

Just before our hike I was out in the rock pile pulling weeds and setting the sprinkler. I was at the top of the rock pile with my back to the driveway. There was a particularly big and stubborn weed. I sat on a rock and started pulling. Well it did the trick only I wasn't able to stop the motion and tumbled backwards down the rock pile and really banged the back of my head. I now have a giant goose egg and it really hurts. The only thing that made it better is that there wasn't anyone there to see it! I now have an extra measure of compassion for my grandbabies who seem to bump their noggins all of the time!


Tiffany | Making the World Cuter said...

OUCH! So sad!
I can't believe Moki made it! If he can do it, I....ok, I still probably couldn't do it!

Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

Go Moki! I'm telling you, make him a super hero cape or something! He is wonder dog!

Dani said...

Yes, make him a super hero sweater! :) I bet April was wishing she were there a few minutes earlier to witness the fall. Hope your goose egg goes down!

Unknown said...

The fall was probably my fault. If I hadn't been late then you wouldn't have started pulling weeds so early in the morning when your judgement was not at it's best;) Seriously, so sorry about your goose egg. And really, I'm the one getting dizzy. Your such a super star.